3D origami alarm clock tutorial (instruction)

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In this video we will learn how to make volumetric alarm clock in the art 3D origami. Alarm clock made of paper. Alarm Clock will almost like a real one.

This is the author's work Oksana Vershigora

We need to assemble alarm clock 128 pieces size 1/16 and 75 pieces size 1/32.

We need:

102 white (1/16), 24 orange (1/16) 2 blue (1/16), 74 green (1/32) and 1 red (1/32) triangular pieces

How to make pieces 1/32 see here.

How to make pieces 1/16 see here.

Making alarm clock

1st row short side up 2nd and 3rd row long side up

First, second and third rows of 24 pieces each color - repeat after us


and make the 4th row of 16 white.

Each piece put on by 3 corners

5th row 16 white

6th row 16 white (tried to narrow pieces to the center)

Making a bell:

1st row short side piece up

2nd and 3rd row long side

12 green pieces in a row bend

Making another bell

And glue

Making a button alarm of red piece

Making two legs pieces of green

Everything! Alarm clock of triangular pieces 3D origami ready!

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And now you know how to make alarm clock in the art 3D origami (modular origami). Use this video as a master class in the assembly alarm clock.

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